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Business partner locations (Laboratories)

To maximize available testing and applicable standards, we have increased the number of partner laboratories. 

Business Partner Locations (Laboratories)

EMC measurements

  • 1 On-site EMC management support: With this service, our EMC engineers help to manage
    EMC problems at your measurement site.
  • 2 Measurement for ECE R10 requires observation by a LCIE certified member.

Safety testing

Business partner locations (Laboratories) 

  • We will work as your sales contact, and follow the contractual terms of the partner labs, such as measurement fees, service items etc.
  • Please fill the inquiry form to confirm lab’s test items and specifications.


Our measurement techniques cover a wide range of products such as medical, communication, railway equipment etc. With extensive experience on EMC management, standard compliance testing, etc., we offer EMC testing conforming to Japanese and International standards.


IPS Corporation Shinyokohama Safety Center

IPS offers testing of medical electronics, in-vitro diagnostic equipment and analytical measurement devices.
We launched the dedicated website for medical equipment to support manufacturers.


Mitsubishi Electric Engineering Co., Ltd.(MEE)
EMC East Japan Center

We support you to obtain EMC and Safety standard certificates with expertize on real case scenarios and our extensive know how.


IPS Corporation Nagano EMC Center

IPS offers testing of medical electronics, in-vitro diagnostic equipment and analytical measurement devices and our iNarte EMC engineers perform high-quality testing.


EMC Testing Laboratory

Underpinning car evolutions as an expert in vehicle EMC testing, we handle EMC measurements according to the requirements from international car manufacturers.


Bureau Veritas Japan Co., Ltd.
Consumer Products Services Division
New Mobility Technical Center

If you are in trouble coping with automotive EMC testing, please contact our “EMC test advisory”. LCIE (E2, E4, E49) inspectors are stationed. For UN ECE Regulation (E Marking), please contact our “Certification and application agency”.

株式会社Wave Technology

Wave Technology Inc.

Our semi-anechoic chamber is most suitable for EMI pre-compliance emission measurements. We offer EMI countermeasure verification services, as well as chamber rentals.


Mitsubishi Electric Engineering Co., Ltd. (MEE)
EMC West Japan Center

We provide consistent services from EMC measurement and management to Safety standard certificate acquisition. Our 10m method anechoic chamber is the largest in the Chugoku region and the Shikoku region.

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