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Silver Scale ™

Measurement Functions of Silver Scale ™

By registering the measurement results of the Silver Scale™, you can perform analysis.

Overview of Silver Scale ™


■Capabilities of Silver Scale™

Visually identify corrosion risks (hydrogen sulfide and sulfur).
Determine the corrosion category in compliance with ISO 11844-1 based on the installation period and corrosion length of the Silver Scale™.

Assess the impact of the corrosion category on equipment.
(Reference: ISO 11844-1 standard, ANSI/ISA 71.04-2013 standard)

Indoor Corrosion CategoriesImpact on equipment
IC1- Very low indoor corrosivity- Environment sufficiently controlled to ensure that corrosion is not a factor in determining equipment reliability
IC2- Low indoor corrosivity
IC3- Moderate indoor corrosivity- Environment where corrosion may be a factor in determining equipment reliability
IC4- High indoor corrosivity
IC5- Very high indoor corrosivity- Environment where the probability of corrosion attack is high
 Before evaluation IC2
(Corrosion Risk: Low)
(Corrosion Risk: Very High)
Silver Scale
SilverScale IC2
SilverScale IC5
Silver Plate (400x)
銀板 評価前
銀板 C2
銀板 C5
Top: 40x
Bottom: 100x
LED 評価前(40倍)
LED IC2(40倍)
LED IC5(40倍)
LED 評価前(100倍)
LED IC2(100倍)

■Diagnostic Method

STEP 1 : Installation

Remove the Silver Scale™ from the bag and place it at the desired measurement location.


* Please open the aluminum moisture-proof bag just before measurement.
* Ensure that the aperture is not blocked during installation.
* Place it in a location where water cannot enter through the aperture.

STEP 2 : Record

Record the installation start date.

STEP 3 : Observation

After the designated period (e.g., 30 days, up to a maximum of 1 year), record the serial number, observation date, corrosion length (mm), and take a photo.


*Measure the corrosion length by recording the length that has turned yellow.*

STEP 4 : Analysis

Log in to our website and enter the recorded information.
You can determine the corrosion category based on the ISO 11844-1 standard.


*If the corrosive gas (hydrogen sulfide, sulfur) is unknown, select hydrogen sulfide as the corrosion type for the analysis.
*You can perform up to 4 analyses, and the observation period is up to 1 year.

■Analysis Results


Examples of Applications

Investigation of Corrosive Gas (Hydrogen Sulfide, Sulfur) Generating Environments

Survey of Corrosive Gas Environments (Assessment of Corrosion Category according to ISO 11844-1 Standard)
Prediction of Maintenance Period for Facilities

Measurement of Corrosive Environments as per Standard Requirements

Sulfur Dioxide Gas Test (JIS C 60068-2-42)
Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Test (JIS C 60068-2-43)
Mixed Gas Test (JIS C 60068-2-60)
LED Standard (JEITA ED-4912A)
S8 Corrosion Test

Investigation of Corrosive Gas Impact in Logistics

Detection of Corrosive Gas from Cardboard
Verification of Packaging Conditions

Confirmation of Outgassing from Materials (Rubber)

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