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EMC components (Noise suppression)

Our EMC components effectively suppress electromagnetic noise which has adverse effects on electronic devices and human health.
We can assist you to select suitable products and solutions from filtering, grounding and shielding technologies.
We also offer device measurement services supporting your EMC design process.


KGS assists you in solving problems which occur during R&D.

  • EMC technical seminars
  • EMC management support (consulting)
  • EMC testing

Ferrite cores / Nanocrystalline Alloys cores etc.

Filtering is a basic EMC management method. Products suppressing noise over wide frequency bands are available in various forms and with various fixing means.

Shielding gaskets

Shielding is also very useful for EMC management. You can select optimal products based on form and attachment area of chassis and metal sheets.

Cable shielding materials

Shielding cables for suppressing noise
Applicable to assembled cables

Conductive tapes and sheets

Metals, conductive fabrics, functional films etc. in tape form

Grounding components

EMC management by grounding metal sheets and cables

On-board components

PCB components have many variations including clips for shielding cases and minute cable clamps. Applicable to automated board mounting

EMI absorbers (Noise suppression)

Effective application to near noise sources
Various materials are available, such as for RFID and wireless power transmission systems.