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EMC Solution Services

Various EMC solution services are available such as technical seminars, EMC management consulting and testing. 


KGS EMC Center

1423-101, Aza-Tonmyo, Akechi-cho, Kasugai City, Aichi Prefecture 480-0303, Japan

EMC solution

EMC technical support services

Technical seminars, consulting and EMC testing

EMC center facilities

Features of each measurement room and equipment specifications

Standard compliance testing, Test items, Supportable certifications

Standards and test items that our facilities can handle
Reports are available in Japanese and English.
Please contact us for details on applicable testing and standards.

Current reservation status, Price list

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Accreditation / Certification / Registration

Click here to see our accreditation, certification, and registration status for EMC testing.

Business partner locations (Laboratories)

To maximize available testing and applicable standards, we have increased the number of partner laboratories.