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Thermal pads

COOLPROVIDE™(One side tacky) CPSH-F

Silicone-free type


Super low-hardness (ASKER C 32) and excellent adhesiveness minimizes thermal resistance
Uses silicone free material, no siloxane outgassing
Unlike silicone pads, the silicone free pad bleeds hardly any oil and rarely causes problems to peripheral components.
Operating temperature range is from -40℃ to 125℃.

  • Thermal pad
  • Silicone-free
  • Highly flexible
  • One side tacky
  • UL rated available


Acrylic resin



Material Non-Silicon Feature High flexibility, One side tacky, Available for UL
Color Light green Specific gravity -
Volume resistivity(Ω・cm) 1.0×10[[sup:11]] Tracking resistance test CTI(V) -
Hardness(ASKER C) 32 Hardness(Shore OO) 64
Hardness(Shore A) - Thermal conductivity(Hot wire method)(W / m・K) 5.0
Thermal conductivity(Hot Disk method)(W / m・K) 3.7 Phase change temperature(℃) -
Permeability(μ') - Maximum effective dimensions(mm) 200×500

Different part number may have different characteristics. Please refer to the catalog for details.

Please refer to the catalog for thermal conductivity standards.
The thermal pad can be layered to make it thicker.

Product Dimensions

CPSH-F 外形図

Part No. list

You can download a drawing and a test report,
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Part No. Thickness(mm) L1(mm) L2(mm) Flame retardance(UL) Download Data Sample Request
CPSH-0.5F 0.5 210 510 94 V-0 equivalent
CPSH-1.0F 1.0 210 510 94 V-0
CPSH-1.5F 1.5 210 510 94 V-0
CPSH-2.0F 2.0 210 510 94 V-0
CPSH-2.5F 2.5 210 510 94 V-0
CPSH-3.0F 3.0 210 510 94 V-0
CPSH-3.5F 3.5 210 510 94 V-0
CPSH-4.0F 4.0 210 510 94 V-0

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