Product Guidelines

Product Guidelines

Please read before using this product.

  1. The contents or products described in this catalog may change without notice due to product improvements and other reasons, or the supply may stop.
  2. The data described in this catalog is not a guaranteed value.
  3. When exporting a product listed in this catalog, please check whether the cargo is subject to the regulation of "Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law". In that case, the applicable export license is required. In addition, there are some countries and regions where a product is restricted for sale.
  4. Any issues related to our intellectual property rights or third party’s rights have occurred after the product in this catalog is used, our company does not assume the responsibility. In addition, it does not authorize the licensing of these rights.
  5. The content of this catalog will apply only to the products you purchased from us or our authorized agencies. If no information is disclosed about the applicable conditions, or if the products were purchased from other third party, the conditions on the catalog will not apply.
  6. The products described in this catalog might not be for sale by country or region.
  7. The product listed in this catalog is meant to be used in general-purpose standard applications commonly found in general electronic devices/equipment (related to AV, office-use, computer-peripheral, communication, home appliance, industrial robot, entertainment, personal-use, measuring/test, etc.). It is intended to be used in a normal operation/method in such general electronic devices/equipment.

    The scope of this catalog shall not be considered to guarantee the product’s performance or quality, especially if it is planned to be used as a requirement in a high degree safety and reliability, or for an application where the device failure, malfunction, or misconduct may cause risk/harm to human life and body, or damages to a property, or may cause enormous impact to social conformance, as to such in the following applications (defined as specific applications). Please consult us before use in such cases whenever you require anything more than the product’s normal performance range and conditions specified in the catalog, or if you have specific applications.

    • aerospace equipment
    • transportation equipment (automobiles, trains, ships, etc.)
    • nuclear power related equipment
    • medical equipment
    • military equipment
    • undersea/submarine equipment
    • power generation control equipment
    • highly public information processing equipment
    • transportation control equipment
    • electric heating equipment, combustion equipment
    • disaster prevention, crime prevention equipment
    • various safety devices
    • other usage deemed to be specific applications

    While designing the equipment to use the product in this catalog, please secure a protection or a backup in accordance with the intended use of the device.

  8. We have taken all possible measures to improve the quality and reliability of the product, however, the wrong usage may cause personal injuries, fire accidents or social losses. Please consult us if you have any questions/concerns about the proper usage of our products.

Reprinting or copying the contents of this catalog without our permission is prohibited.