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KITAGAWA INDUSTRIES’ Thermal management materials

As electronic devices are becoming more miniaturized and faster, heat issues are put in the spotlight; the devices create high temperature environments due to high-density design and continuous use. Our thermal management products help to lower temperature by conducting and insulating heat, resulting in better performance stability and durability.

We propose suitable products with optimal materials, functions, and characteristics according to customers’ requirements and needs.

KITAGAWA Industries offer many kinds of thermal management materials which have different features. Four of them are introduced here.

Non-Silicone Ultra-Low Hardness Type CPSS


Very soft thermal pad despite being non-silicone
The pad has excellent adhesion due to good flexibility and stress relief, and therefore it can lower contact resistance.
It uses non-silicone and creates no siloxane outgassing.
Unlike silicone pads, the silicone free pad bleeds hardly any oil and rarely causes problems to peripheral components.


In-vehicle, communication and AV equipment


Sometimes, a higher compression ratio of the thermal pad is required due to components’ dimensional tolerances and gaps between units. However, if the pad has poor flexibility, loads on the heat-generating elements and printed circuit bards (PCBs) are large, and may cause device malfunction. In addition, if objects surfaces are not even, multiple thermal pads having different thickness may be necessary. 


Our products have excellent flexibility and stress relief and make the loads lower than the conventional thermal pads. (Since CPSS has high stress relaxation, it is possible to increase the compression ratio, which allows high dimensional tolerances.)

非シリコーン 超低硬度タイプ
Soft Type

Non-silicone Highly Thermally Conductive Type CPVT, CPVH


Although, it is a non-silicone high-thermal conductivity pad, the hardness is low.
No siloxane gas is created and less likely to bleed oil compared with silicone type, and rarely causes problems to peripheral components.


In-vehicle, communication, AV and medical equipment, machine tools


Conventional electrically insulating thermal pads usually have insufficient heat transfer.
High thermal conductivity pads have poor flexibility and stress release.


Our products can lower contact thermal resistance, since they possess both high thermal conductivity and low-hardness.

非シリコーン 高熱伝導タイプ
Feature comparison

Non-silicone Composite Type EMPV


The thermal pad handles both thermal and EMC management. While having the same features as our non-silicone thermal pads, it also suppresses electromagnetic (EM) waves with high magnetic permeability.


In-vehicle and communication equipment, LCD TV


Our unique product helps to solve heat and EMC management issues. The pad can be utilized in limited internal spaces of equipment.

非シリコーン 複合タイプ

<Non-silicone composite product>

Ceramic Heat Sink CECD


The heat sink is made of porous ceramic.
Porous materials have large surface areas and excellent thermal emissivity even compared to metals, resulting in good heat dissipation.
Around 30% lighter than aluminum


Communication equipment, electrical appliances


Metal heat sinks may radiate EM waves, however ceramics are insulators and radiate no EM waves.


<Ceramic heat sink product>

Thermal Solutions of KITAGAWA INDUSTRIES

More innovative, clean and precise

As society and industrial structures change and develop at a dizzying pace, new technologies and functions bring the potential to drastically change our way of life and values.
In 1984, KITAGAWA INDUSTRIES developed EMC components and early on proposed solutions to EM wave problems.
Since then we have been providing advanced technologies and services in a wide range of fields, including new energy, engineering machinery, automobiles, biotechnology, IT, semiconductors, and medicine etc.
Together with our clients, we will continue to look ahead to accelerating technological innovation and aim for better products, more efficient production systems, and more innovative manufacturing.


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