EMC components (Noise suppression)

Ferrite cores / Nanocrystalline Alloys cores etc.

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Ferrite cores / Nanocrystalline Alloys cores etc.


Non-split type


Provided with 2.3, 3 and 5mm thickness types
Conductive ferrite core is suitable for suppressing noise from FPCs.

  • Ferrite core (Noise filter)
  • Common mode noise suppression


Soft ferrite



Feature Split type, Flat core Cable types FPC/FFC
Frequency band Signal noise Usage For radiated noise

Different part number may have different characteristics. Please refer to the catalog for details.

EMC solution Service

Part No. list

You can download a drawing and a test report,
add an sample to Sample Request Box per part number.

Part No. Outer diameter
Inner diameter
Download Data Sample Request
GFPC-11-8-2 11.0 9.0 8.0
GFPC-16-12 16.0 11.5 12.0
GFPC-16-20 16.0 11.5 20.5
GFPC-16-5-3 16.0 11.5 5.0
GFPC-16-8-2 15.5 12.0 8.0
GFPC-16-8-3 16.0 11.5 8.0
GFPC-18-3-2 18.0 14.5 3.0
GFPC-18-8-2 18.0 14.5 8.0
GFPC-22-8-2 21.5 18.0 8.0
GFPC-24-12-3 13.3 20.0 12.0
GFPC-25-10-3 25.5 21.5 10.0
GFPC-25-12 24.0 20.0 12.0
GFPC-25-15-3 25.5 21.5 15.0
GFPC-25-20 24.5 20.0 20.0
GFPC-31-12 31.0 27.0 12.0
GFPC-31-12-3 31.0 27.0 12.0
GFPC-46-12 46.0 41.5 12.0
GFPC-56-12 56.2 52.4 12.0

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Ferrite Cores (noise filter) over wide frequency band with various fitteing measure are available.
EMC Design based on well-trained measurement skill and suggestion of selection guide of effective ferrite core are available.

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