EMC components (Noise suppression)

Ferrite cores / Nanocrystalline Alloys cores etc.

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Ferrite cores / Nanocrystalline Alloys cores etc.


Split type


Optimum applications for out-put cables of inverters and servo amplifiers, and automotive charging cables.
• For suppressing low frequency noise, 150KHz–30MHz (BFCWN-MA)
• For suppressing high frequency noise, 30MHz–1GHz (BFCWN-A)

Equivalent endurance to automotive vibration requirements (ISO 16750-3 Ⅱ)
Operating temperature is from –40 to +125℃.
Casing has anti-slip means for cable ties.
Double protection, a cable tie and the case lock prevent ferrite cores from malfunction even if the lock becomes damaged.
Low profile provides 30% downsize of conventional clamps.



Feature Sprit type, Plastic case Cable types Round type
Frequency band Low-frequency(BFCWN-NA), High-frequency(BFCWN-A) Usage high-temp., environment and signal cables

Different part number may have different characteristics. Please refer to the catalog for details.

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Part No. list

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Part No. Outer diameter
Inner diameter
Download Data Sample Request
BFCWN-2010MA-NC-1PC 45 20 30
BFCWN-2010-A-BK-1PC 45 20 30
BFCWN-3515MA-NC-1PC 67 35 31
BFCWN-3515-A-BK-1PC 67 35 31

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Ferrite Cores (noise filter) over wide frequency band with various fitteing measure are available.
EMC Design based on well-trained measurement skill and suggestion of selection guide of effective ferrite core are available.

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