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EMC Testing services

KITAGAWA's EMC Testing services Point1 Measurement system covers up to 40GHz


Half anechoic chamber
+ Absorber (Floor surface)

The system measures up to 40GHz, suitable for new generation of high-speed communications and IoT.


KITAGAWA's EMC Testing services Point2 Shielding effect evaluation test for materials

Our EMC center is capable of measuring for shielding evaluation conforming to MIL-STD-285 (US) and NDS C0012 (JP) standards and suitable for evaluating shielding materials and metal cabinets.

EMC compliance tests・Noise level confirmation

We carry out a wide range of EMC tests, from issuing test reports with a VLAC marking, usable for VCCI and CE certifications, to confirming noise level. 

EMC compliance tests・Noise level confirmation

Testing services on demand

For customers who need EMC testing/measurement but have no time to attend the test due to many reasons, we offer testing/measurement services on demand.
Customers are able to stay at the office and receive test results and/or have meetings through the Internet in real time. Compliance testing, noise level confirmation and noise management consulting are available.

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EMC technical support services

Solution1 EMC technical seminars

On-site lectures on EMC basics, technical trends, and management are available. Latest EMC standard information and demonstration how to lower noise are included. At your site, we will disassemble real products and propose a solution. Traveling exhibitions of our components are also available. 

Solution2 EMC management support (consulting)

We can support you with on-site EMC management, noise measurement using a 3D visualization device, on-demand testing/measurement and joint R&D. 

Solution3 EMC testing

Measurement system covers up to 40GHz
Various testing is available for characteristic evaluation of shielding materials, certification acquisition, noise level confirmation, noise management etc.