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Shield room 1


Shield room 1

  • For Consumer products standards

Various immunity tests for household appliances can be conducted in the shield room.

Facility specifications of Shield room 1

DimensionsPower supply capacities (voltage and current)Note
5×6×3 (H) m
Door dimensions: 2.0 (W)×2.0 (H) m
AC single-phase 2-wire: 1–300V (50/60Hz, 4kVA)
AC three-phase wire: 1–480V (50/60Hz, 9kVA)
DC: 1–100V (55A) , –420V (12A)
Power is partially shared with Anechoic chamber 2

Carry-in entrance


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EMC center’s other testing rooms

Anechoic chamber 1(10m) For Consumer products standards

Equipped with a 3m-diameter turntable, a water supply and drainage system, and an exhaust system. 

Anechoic chamber 2(3m) For Consumer products standards

A 2m turntable is provided for EMC tests.

Shield room 1 For Consumer products standards

Suitable for various tests

Anechoic chamber 3 For Automotive EMC standards

Includes a water supply and drainage system, designed for EMC tests for in-vehicle components

Shield room 2 For Automotive EMC standards

Equipped with a water supply and drainage system, capable of EMC tests for in-vehicle components

Anechoic chamber 4
(For EV)
For Automotive EMC standards

Capable of conducting EMC tests according to “Test methods for shielded power supply systems for high voltages in EV/HV” stipulated in CISPR 25:2016 Edition4 Annex I.