EMC components (Noise suppression)

EMI absorbers (Noise suppression)

EMI absorbers (Noise suppression)


Combined function type


The non-silicone EMI absorption sheet has low hardness (ASKER C40) and high permeability (μ'=13).
Lower hardness provides good adhesion and low load on assembled elements.
Silicone-free, no siloxane outgassing.
Recommended operation temperature: –40°C–110°C
For both thermal and EMC management

  • EMI absorption
  • Noise suppression
  • Magnetic sheet




Different part number may have different characteristics. Please refer to the catalog for details.

EMC solution Service

Part No. list

You can download a drawing and a test report,
add an sample to Sample Request Box per part number.

Part No. Thickness(mm) Flame retardance Download Data Sample Request
EMPV4-1.0F 1.0 V-0 equivalent
EMPV4-1.5F 1.5 V-0 equivalent
EMPV4-2.0F 2.0 V-0 equivalent
EMPV4-2.5F 2.5 V-0 equivalent
EMPV4-3.0F 3.0 V-0 equivalent
EMPV4-3.5F 3.5 V-0 equivalent

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